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AED 130 / Daily

250 KM

AED 130 / Daily

250 KM

AED 130 / Daily

250 KM

7 Seater Cars Rental Options for Your Next Journey

Need a 7 seater car rental for your next group adventure or family outing? Simplify your search with our targeted insights on costs, vehicle options, and renting tips—all designed to get you behind the wheel of the perfect 7-seater rental car with confidence and ease. Hiring a car in the UAE, Dubai offers you the freedom to explore at your own pace, including the scenic drives to Ras al Khaimah.

Key Takeaways

  • 7-seater car rentals in Dubai offer spaciousness, versatility, and comfort ideal for family vacations or group outings, with models like Volvo XC90 and Hyundai Santa Fe providing premium finishes and flexible seating arrangements. Consider your options for 7-seater rentals to accommodate your travels.
  • Advanced safety features, air conditioning, and in-car entertainment in 7-seater rental cars ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for all passengers, with options like the BMW X7 offering lane-keeping assist, emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. Evaluate your need for space and convenience when planning to rent in Dubai.
  • The cost of renting a 7-seater car in Dubai varies based on rental duration, optional add-ons, and car model selection, with companies like Nada Al Ward Rent a Car offering transparent options and online booking platforms facilitating convenient rental procedures.

The Ideal Choice for Family and Group Travel 

There’s no denying the allure of spaciousness and versatility that 7-seater cars offer. Whether you fancy the premium finishes and roomy interiors of a Volvo XC90 or appreciate the hybrid technology and increased luggage capacity of the Hyundai Santa Fe, these vehicles provide the perfect balance of spaciousness and flexibility necessary for any family vacation or group outing.

Spacious and Versatile Seating Arrangements

When it comes to seating configurations, 7-seater vehicles truly shine. With three rows of seats, you have a plethora of options to arrange passengers and cargo. In models like the Volvo XC90, you can even slide and recline the second row, granting you ultimate control over the space in your car.

Imagine this: you’re preparing for a day of adventure in Dubai. With the press of a button, the third-row seats of your 7-seater car electronically stow away, making room for your souvenirs, strollers, or other essential items. Models like the Volkswagen Multivan, with their spacious storage options, are ready to accommodate your travel needs, whether it’s a group outing, a family vacation, or a long-distance trip.

Enhanced Comfort for Long Journeys

Setting off on a long journey? Rest assured, comfort is a guarantee in 7-seater car rentals. Equipped with air conditioning, these vehicles ensure a pleasant travel experience even amidst the hot climate of Dubai. No more squabbles over window seats or struggling with portable fans – with a 7-seater car, everyone enjoys a cool and comfy ride.

But the comfort doesn’t stop at air conditioning. Imagine your children delightfully engaged with the in-car entertainment system, their laughter echoing throughout the car. Long drives transform from a chore into a joy, making the journey just as enjoyable as the destination itself, especially with the added safety and comfort of child seats.

Advanced Safety Features for Peace of Mind

As you embark on your journey, safety is likely one of your top priorities. Thankfully, modern 7-seater rental cars are equipped with a range of advanced safety features, including:

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

  • Electronic stability control (ESC)

  • Multiple airbags

  • Rearview cameras

  • Blind spot detection

  • Lane departure warning

These features offer enhanced security during your travel.

Take the BMW X7, for instance. This prominent choice among 7-seater vehicles includes features like lane-keeping assist, emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. These advanced safety features provide not just protection, but also peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the joy of your journey.

The Right Seven Seater vehicle Rental in Dubai for Adventure

Selecting an appropriate 7-seater car rental for your Dubai adventure requires thoughtful evaluation. Factors like rental duration and pick-up and drop-off locations significantly affect the cost. Thus, it becomes imperative to thoroughly compare prices, explore various rental options, and weigh the pros and cons between SUVs and minivans. Having accurate information on Dubai rent rates can help make a more informed decision.

Worry not – we are committed to guiding you throughout the process and making sure you get the most bang for your buck, without any hidden fees.

Comparing Rental Prices for Maximum Savings

Rental prices for 7-seater cars in Dubai can vary significantly, ranging from AED 200 to AED 1700 per day. However, if you’re in for the long haul, you can expect significant savings. For instance, average monthly rates stand around AED 2600, translating to approximately AED 87 per day. That’s a substantial reduction compared to daily rates!.

For those more attuned to local currency, the cost to *rent 7 seater* cars in Dubai starts from approximately AED 770 per week, breaking down to around AED 110 per day. Seeking to avoid upfront costs? There are options available that do not require a deposit. Keep in mind, the rental cost can vary depending on the length of the rental period and might include additional charges for extended use. It’s important to evaluate your needs thoroughly before finalizing your rental choice.

Navigating Rental Options and Add-Ons

Car rentals are not solely about the rental price. The total cost can be impacted by additional charges for extra features or basic insurance coverage. For instance, one-way trips generally incur a higher cost. Moreover, after-hour returns, while accommodated by certain car rental companies, can pose risks such as potential damage when the vehicle is unattended after business hours.

Planning for pickups from a different location? Or perhaps you wish to add multiple drivers to share driving responsibilities? These can be added to your rental agreement for an extra charge. When returning a rental car, ensure you adhere to the furthered sentiment of *Dubai Mall embodies luxury and style, making it a worthy finale to a day trip*. Fully comprehending the rental agreement is vital in managing your budget and averting unforeseen expenses.

Making an Informed Decision: SUV vs. Minivan

Deciding between renting an SUV or a minivan can be a tough call. It’s all about understanding your needs. If you’re a larger group, you might prefer the additional space that these vehicles offer. SUV models like the Chevrolet Tahoe are known for their towing capacity, large cargo space, and off-road capabilities.On the other hand, minivans such as the Kia Carnival are recognized for their affordability and passenger comfort, making them a popular choice for a family or group travel car from a rental company.

Aesthetic aspects of a vehicle might also influence your rental choices. For instance, luxury models like the Toyota Land Cruiser often provide greater comfort and space for passengers compared to sedans, making them suitable for small to medium-sized groups.Ease of driving and personal familiarity with vehicle types also play a critical role in your decision. And for those seeking an added level of comfort and service, you can even rent a 7-seater with a driver for specific purposes like weddings, city tours, or airport transfers. For an even more elevated experience, consider options with luxurious interior designs, perfect for impressing customers or simply enjoying your drive in utmost comfort, while keeping an eye on mileage to ensure cost efficiency.

How to Rent a 7 Seaters Cars in Dubai: Step-by-Step Guide

Renting a 7-seater car in Dubai is a straightforward process that starts with searching for the suitable vehicle and finalizing the booking with a trusted car rental provider. Whether you’re sightseeing, enjoying a weekend getaway, or traveling for business, companies like Nada ward assure you of deposits, hidden charges, and transparent mileage policies. For destinations like Abu Dhabi, consider availing of their efficient delivery service to make your trip seamless.

Understanding Rental Requirements

There are certain rental prerequisites to fulfil before you can commence your journey. If you’re a non-resident visitor, you can rent a car with a valid driver’s license from your home country if it’s from an eligible country. Otherwise, you’ll need a valid International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in addition to your home country’s driver’s license. UAE residents, on the other hand, must have a valid UAE driving license held for at least one year and provide a copy of their passport, including the photo ID and visa page.

Additionally, the minimum requirements to rent a car in Dubai are:

  • The renter must be at least 21 years old, as stipulated by rental companies for insurance coverage purpose.

  • A valid credit card in the renter’s name is required for covering estimated rental charges and providing a pre-authorization as per the rental agreement.

  • Debit cards may not be used for the security deposit, but they are accepted for payments at certain rental counters.

Booking Online for Convenience

Are you mapping out your Dubai adventure from your home? Rest assured, online platforms provide a comfortable and safe avenue for searching, comparing, and booking 7-seater car rentals. You’ll find a range of 7-seater vehicle models, like the economical Mitsubishi Xpander and the affordable Kia Carnival, available for online booking.

The online booking process is straightforward. On nadaward website, for instance, you simply select the pick-up location, rental dates, and vehicle preference. Before you know it, you’re all set for your Dubai adventure.

Pick Up and Return Procedures

Picking up and returning a rental car in Dubai is a breeze. Convenient locations, like the Dubai International Airport, make the process even easier. You simply receive the rented vehicle at the chosen location established during the booking process, such as a Dubai Airport pickup.

To facilitate a smooth return process, it’s recommended to:

  1. Book a return appointment at least a day in advance.

  2. Before returning the car, perform a thorough inspection to ensure it’s in the same condition as at pickup, to avoid fines for damages.

  3. Don’t forget to return the car with a full tank of fuel, as agreed upon in the rental contract.

Recommendations for 7 people Car Hire Models and Rental Companies

If you’re unsure which 7-seater car model to choose, we’ve got some recommendations for you. The Mitsubishi Xpander, an economy SUV option, is well-suited for families and groups exploring Dubai.

Alternatively, the Kia Carnival is a cheap minivan choice that offers comfort and space for travelers.

Top Car Models for Desert Safaris and City Tours

Your choice of car model can also depend on the activities you plan to do in Dubai. For desert safaris, a sturdy option like the Toyota Land Cruiser is commonly rented due to its robustness and reliability. Other models like the Ford Bronco, Land Rover Defender, and Nissan Patrol are also noted for their off-road technologies and capabilities to navigate sandy landscapes. Make sure to have all necessary documents prepared when renting these models.

For city tours, the Peugeot 5008 provides an enjoyable driving experience, ergonomic quality, and safety with individually adjustable middle-row seats. So, whether you’re off to a thrilling desert safari or planning to explore the dazzling cityscape, we’ve got you covered with the best car models for your journey, along with the necessary documents for a hassle-free rental process..

Maximizing Your Seven Seater crossover Experience in Dubai

In order to optimize your 7-seater car rental experience in Dubai, here are some tips:

  • Strategize your routes and destinations

  • Budget for your rental and travel costs

  • Fold down seats for additional luggage space

  • Utilize built-in entertainment systems for enjoyment on longer drives

  • Use GPS and advanced climate control systems for easy navigation and comfort throughout the journey.

Planning Routes and Destinations

One of the joys of renting a 7-seater car is the freedom to customize your journey. You can visit multiple attractions according to your preferences, without being constrained by fixed tour schedules. And with GPS navigation, you can plan your route in advance for a confident and efficient driving experience.

This flexibility is particularly useful for groups with numerous travelers. You can easily maintain group cohesion and simplify the logistics of coordination. And if you’re not a fan of technology aids, getting acquainted with the general layout of Dubai serves as a valuable complement and backup for navigation.

Budgeting for Your Rental and Travel Expenses

Effectively managing your budget forms an integral component of your travel plans. Renting a 7-seater car in Dubai can be cost-effective for groups, as the expense can be divided among all passengers, often resulting in lower costs compared to individual transportation options. Choosing economical car rental options, rather than luxury vehicles, can also significantly reduce the total rental expenses.

Researching the market to identify rental car agencies in Dubai that offer competitive rates can ensure that you receive a mix of affordability and quality services. So, plan wisely and make your money work for you in making your Dubai adventure a memorable one, and don’t forget to gather all necessary rental documents.


To sum up, renting a 7-seater car for your Dubai adventure offers numerous benefits, from spacious and versatile seating arrangements to enhanced comfort and advanced safety features. By carefully selecting the right rental, comparing prices, and understanding rental requirements, including acquiring the correct documents, you can make your Dubai journey a memorable one. So, gear up for your next Dubai adventure, and embrace the comfort and convenience of a 7-seater car rental

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some recommended 7 people van rentals?

Consider renting the Mitsubishi Xpander or Suzuki Ertiga for a cost-effective and practical 7-seater option in Dubai, while the Toyota Land Cruiser is a popular choice for desert safaris. Ensure you have the necessary documents ready for your adventure

What are the rental requirements for non-resident visitors in Dubai?

Non-resident visitors in Dubai can rent a car with a valid driver’s license from their home country, as long as it’s from an eligible country. Otherwise, an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is required alongside the home country’s driver’s license.

How can I book a car for seven people?

To book a 7-seater car rental online, visit the car rental company’s website and select the pick-up location, rental dates, and vehicle preference.

What should I consider when returning it?

Make sure to adhere to the fuel policy, check for cleanliness and damages, and understand the late return terms when returning a rental car in Dubai. Booking a return appointment at least a day in advance can help ensure a smooth process.

How can I save costs when renting this car?

To save costs when renting a 7-seater car in Dubai, compare rental prices, consider longer rentals for savings, and opt for economical car rental options over luxury vehicles. These steps can help you make the most of your budget and find a cost-effective option for your needs.