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250 KM

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250 KM

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250 KM

Embark on a Spectacular Journey with a 7-seater car in Dubai!

Are you planning a joyful expedition to Dubai with your friends and family? Exploring the stunning landscapes and cityscapes of the UAE is most enjoyable with a 7-seater rental car in Dubai. Consider a spacious SUV or van like the Suzuki Ertiga, ensuring everyone has a comfortable seat and enough room for luggage, particularly when switching hotels. Plus, the convenience of returning the vehicle at Dubai Airport terminal parking is often a service provided by rental companies.

7 Seater Rent a Car in Dubai: A Gateway to Luxury and Comfort

The global passion for larger vehicles, specifically SUVs, is growing, bringing forth models like the elegant Mitsubishi Xpander. However, for those who prioritize more seats, a 7-seater car like the Suzuki Ertiga is a beautiful option, offering three rows of seats for a more inclusive experience.

A Spectrum of Choices: From SUVs to Minivans

Dubai’s car rental market is diverse, ranging from the economical Suzuki Ertiga to the luxurious Lamborghini Urus and the budget-friendly minivan, the Kia Carnival. For the adventurous, a Toyota Land Cruiser is available for those desert safaris; remember to follow the rules of the off-road!

The Pleasure of Shared Drives

Traveling in a group amplifies the joy manifold. Most rental services allow the inclusion of multiple drivers in the rental agreement, ensuring everyone is covered by insurance and can share their driving responsibilities.

Drive through the seamlessly connected Emirates, enjoy your favorite music, and discover why Dubai is renowned for its world-class roads.

Seamless Exploration with Advanced Features

Modern 7-seater cars, including the Suzuki Ertiga, come with advanced features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making self-navigation effortless. Just key in your destination on Google Maps, and you’re on your way to explore the richness and vibrancy of Dubai!


Organizing a trip to Dubai is a thrilling experience, and opting for a 7-seater rental car in Dubai, like the Suzuki Ertiga, ensures that the journey is as cozy and memorable as the destination. Explore, navigate, and create everlasting memories in Dubai, where tradition and modernity intertwine beautifully.