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  • Cruise Control
  • Parking Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Digital HUD
  • Reverse Camera
  • Parking Sensors
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Tinted Windows
  • LCD Screens
  • Front Air Bags
  • Apple CarPlay
  • ABS
  • Bluetooth
  • Power Windows
  • USB

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Vehicle Overview

Kia Picanto Renting: An In-Depth Review

Considering ‘kia picanto rent’ for your urban drives in Dubai? Get straight to the point with this essential guide on Kia Picanto renting. Learn about the costs, streamlined renting process, and user-focused amenities that make the Picanto a savvy choice. Find out if this compact powerhouse aligns with your driving requirements and budget, without wading through any fluff.

Key Takeaways

  • The Kia Picanto rental in Dubai offers a practical and stylish choice for cost-conscious individuals, featuring modern amenities such as advanced safety features, a chic exterior, and infotainment technology, all powered by a fuel-efficient 1.2-liter engine.
  • Renters can expect straightforward rental processes in Dubai, but should be aware of requirements like a valid UAE driving license for residents, an international driving license for tourists, and a refundable security deposit, with costs starting from AED 75 per day.
  • The Kia Picanto stands out for its compact design that doesn’t compromise on space or technology, providing a comfortable ride with driver conveniences and strong safety measures, ideal for navigating Dubai’s urban landscapes.

Introducing the Kia Picanto Rental with Comprehensive Insurance Coverage in Dubai

Dubai, the land of luxury and opulence, offers a wide array of cars for rent, but one that stands out for its compact charm is the Kia Picanto. Available for rent on a flexible basis, the Picanto caters to those seeking a blend of modern styling and practicality in a small package. The 2024 model year boasts:

  • a chic exterior
  • advanced safety features
  • infotainment technology
  • all powered by a modest 1.2-liter engine

Targeted towards cost-conscious individuals and UAE residents who prefer a nimble and efficient ride, the Kia Picanto offers the allure of high-tech in a compact size. It’s ideal for navigating the urban sprawl of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the ease of parking and driving that larger vehicles simply can’t match. And for those with a UAE driving license, the renting process is tailored for convenience. However, before delving in, let’s consider the actual experience of driving a Kia Picanto rental.

Getting Started with Your Kia Picanto Rental: Understanding Rental Cost

Embarking on your Kia Picanto rental journey in Dubai is a straightforward affair. The car rental process typically unfolds in three stages: selecting your vehicle, enjoying the ride, and wrapping up the rental. Before you can hit the roads, you’ll need to present a valid driving license. Tourists must have an international driving license, while UAE residents need to be over 21 years old and possess a uae driving license and Emirates ID. A passport copy and visa complete the necessary paperwork.

A refundable security deposit, ranging from AED 1000 to AED 1500, is also part of the deal. This amount is blocked on the customer’s card and released after the rental period, which can span from 15 to 30 days. As for the rental cost, expect to start from AED 75 per day or AED 490 per week. This rate includes standard insurance coverage, insurance excess, and a mileage cap, although exact prices can fluctuate with demand and car availability.

Once the formalities are sorted, the true offerings of the Kia Picanto can be explored.

The Kia Picanto: A Closer Look at Design & Features

The Kia Picanto isn’t just about getting from A to B; it’s about doing so with flair and efficiency. With a well-constructed interior that defies its compact size and an exterior that turns heads, the Picanto is a small car with big ambitions. From ambient lighting to automatic headlight control, this vehicle packs a surprising amount of features into its modest frame.

It’s time to examine the elements that distinguish the Kia Picanto in the competitive field of rental cars.

Tech-Savvy Interior

Step inside the Kia Picanto, and you’ll be greeted by a blend of manual and digital controls, ambient lights, and the convenience of foldable rear seats that expand the already spacious interior. Central to the Picanto’s tech arsenal is a 7-inch touchscreen display, supplemented by an optional 8-inch navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, and support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means your smartphone becomes an integral part of your driving experience, offering both entertainment and navigation at your fingertips.

Driver convenience hasn’t been overlooked, with features like:

  • Keyless entry
  • Tire pressure monitor
  • 2.8-inch LCD cluster providing essential vehicle data
  • USB charging ports for all passengers
  • Seat-integrated ventilation fans

Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Under the hood, the Kia Picanto surprises with a 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine that delivers a peppy 69 horsepower, proving that good things do indeed come in small packages. But it’s not just about power; the Picanto shines in fuel efficiency, with an average of 14-16 kms per litre, which means less time at the pump and more on the road enjoying Dubai’s sights. With its impressive performance, the Picanto stays well within the standard mileage limit, ensuring a cost-effective driving experience.

This efficiency doesn’t compromise the driving experience, thanks to a smooth 4-speed automatic transmission that makes navigating Dubai’s highways and byways a breeze. The Picanto’s engine performance and fuel efficiency are a match made in heaven for renters looking for a vehicle that’s gentle on the wallet and the environment.

Safety Measures

When it comes to safety, the Kia Picanto is built to protect. It offers:

  • A comprehensive suite of airbags
  • Advanced stability and traction control systems
  • ISOFIX child seat anchors for securing even the smallest passengers safely during every journey.

In a city where the unexpected can happen, the Picanto is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like Blind-spot Collision-avoidance Assist, Rear Cross-traffic Collision-avoidance Assist, reverse camera, and automatic light control. These systems not only alert you to potential hazards but can also take control to prevent accidents. With comprehensive insurance coverage, you can have peace of mind while driving in this unpredictable urban environment.

Parking in tight spots is less of a hassle, too, thanks to Parking Distance Warning sensors that guide you into spaces with ease.

On the Road with the Kia Picanto

Taking the Kia Picanto out on the streets of Dubai reveals its true character. The motor-driven power steering and updated yes cruise control make for an effortless and engaging drive, whether you’re zipping through rush hour traffic or cruising along the coastline.

But it’s not just how the Picanto drives that matters; it’s how it makes you feel while driving it.

Comfort and Capacity

Inside, the Kia Picanto offers a surprisingly generous amount of space. Up to four adults can enjoy the journey without feeling cramped, thanks to well-designed seats and thoughtful interior ergonomics. While a fifth passenger is possible, it’s not recommended for comfort’s sake.

When it comes to cargo, the 60:40 split-folding rear seats provide versatility whether you’re carrying groceries, luggage, or shopping finds. And for smaller items, the Picanto offers clever storage solutions like a pocket behind the passenger seat and a hidden compartment in the cargo area.

Navigating the City

The Kia Picanto is not just comfortable; it’s also a master of maneuverability. Its compact stature makes finding and fitting into parking spots a breeze, especially handy in Dubai’s often crowded parking areas. Safety features like lane keep assist and rear parking sensors complement the Picanto’s nimbleness, ensuring that tight urban spaces are less intimidating for drivers.

For tourists and residents alike, the Picanto’s combination of size and technology makes it ideal for the urban explorer looking to weave through the city with confidence.

Wrapping Up: Is the Kia Picanto Worth Renting Considering the Security Deposit?

In conclusion, the key question persists: Does the Kia Picanto emerge as the ideal rental choice in Dubai? Considering its affordability and a rich array of modern features, the Picanto presents a compelling case for itself. Its stylish design and surprising interior space make it an attractive option for those navigating Dubai’s urban environment. The Picanto’s blend of affordability, features, and adaptability, especially for novice drivers, positions it as an excellent value proposition in the rental market.

With its many advantages, the Kia Picanto comes highly recommended for renters in Dubai. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a curious tourist, the Picanto promises an impressive balance of features, comfort, and cost efficiency that few other vehicles can match. So, if you’re considering to rent Kia Picanto in Dubai, you’re making a smart choice.


In summary, the Kia Picanto stands as a testament to the idea that size doesn’t dictate substance. Its compact dimensions belie a car that’s rich in features, comfort, and technological advancements. By offering a driving experience that’s both enjoyable and economical, the Picanto proves itself to be a smart choice for those seeking a rental car in Dubai.

As we conclude this comprehensive review, it’s clear that the Kia Picanto is more than just a means of transportation—it’s a versatile companion for the urban landscape. It’s a car that delivers on its promises and offers a rental experience that is hard to overlook. For those considering a rental in Dubai, the Kia Picanto deserves a spot at the top of your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fuel efficiency of the Kia Picanto?

The fuel efficiency of the Kia Picanto averages between 14-15 kms per litre, making it an economical choice for drivers.

How much is the rent per day for Kia Picanto?

rental rates begin at AED 75 daily in Dubai

Is Kia Picanto good for long drive?

Can Picanto get a better ride? Like every city car, Picanto was built for city driving rather than long roads in its original form. The Picanto does have no problems handling distance.

Is the Kia Picanto a good option for families?

Yes, the Kia Picanto is a safe and practical option for families, equipped with safety features such as ISOFIX child seat anchors and multiple airbags.

Can the Kia Picanto accommodate five passengers?

The Kia Picanto can seat up to five passengers, but for optimal comfort during the drive, it’s recommended to limit passengers to four.

How does the Kia Picanto handle urban driving and parking?

The Kia Picanto handles urban driving and parking exceptionally well, thanks to its compact size and safety features such as lane keep assist and rear parking sensors. It is perfect for navigating and parking in the city


Can I get this car delivered?

Nada Al Ward Rent A Car offers delivery  on area to area basis  In Dubai. Some nearby areas we provide free and others, it is chargeable between AED 50 – AED 150 based on location and time of delivery..

You will be charged AED 5 upon crossing every toll gate. You will be billed at the end of your rental duration. 

As per RTA, all our cars  are provided with comprehensive insurance.  

The car rental security deposit is   AED 1000 on car. It’s released  15 days after the car is returned.