Do’s and Don’ts of Driving an Automatic Rental Car

Driving an Automatic Rental Car in Dubai : When you are looking forward to hire a car in Dubai cheap rates, among many options you will have an option to choose amongst an automatic car and a manual car. While a manual car has its perks, an automatic car is more preferable by many customers. An automatic car is simpler and easier to drive for many drivers. All you have to do is get in the car, turn the key and off you are.

There cannot be any debate on the fact that most drivers who prefer a manual car otherwise would choose an automatic car when opting for a rent a car service due to its simplicity and convenience. This applies especially to Dubai. Dubai has become a place where traffic is increasing day by day. In such a busy place, it might get frustrating and tiring to change gears off and on. However, people prefer automatic cars over manual cars but they are unaware that even an automatic car may have some things to consider.

Do’s and Don’ts of Driving an Automatic Rental Car

An automatic car especially when it is a rental car, needs to be driven keeping in mind some potential hazards. Let’s say there are some do and don’ts for driving an automatic rental car which you must follow. These are as follows:

1. You must avoid cruising downhill in Neutral.

To cut down the car fare Dubai, you might cruise the car downhill in neutral, having a misconception that it would save the fuel. But sadly, this is not true. When you cruise downhill in neutral the engine is still idling, which is why the car consumes as much fuel as it would consume while on a straight road. So, it doesn’t save fuel.

On the other hand, it increases the risks of an accident as you may not be able to respond as quickly as you would otherwise to any sudden incidents.

2.    Stop your car before changing the direction.

Choosing a luxury car rental company Dubai and hiring an exotic automatic car may be simple but taking care of the car and overcoming the risks of an accident may be difficult. One of the major causes of collision and car damage is not stopping before changing directions. Whether it is taking a turn or simply changing the gear into reverse, you must stop before you change the direction.

This would help you eliminate the risk of collisions that may be fatal and would result in monetary harm as well.

3.    Do not put the car in neutral when stationary.

Automatic car drivers often, put the car in neutral when they stop for traffic lights or so. They believe this may bring the engine to rest. Well, they are wrong. This is a misconception that needs to be gotten rid of. Putting the car in neutral when stationary damages the transmission and leads to significant damage to the engine of the car.

To keep the car that you have hired, in a good condition, you must not change the gear to neutral when stopped.

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4.    Never put your car into parking when you haven’t stopped.

If you want to save yourself from a sudden engine breakdown and don’t want to spend a fortune on an insurance claim which is much more than the cost of rent in Dubai, then remember not to put your car into parking when you have not stopped. Your car must be completely stopped before you put it into parking. Some drivers pull the car into the park in a hurry when the car is still moving. They do not realize how much harm can it do to the transmission system of the car.

Moreover, pulling an automatic car into the park when it’s still moving may damage the locking pin which is situated in the transmission. There are chances that this pin might eventually break.

5.    Never accelerate with speed when the car is in a stationary position.

Now, this is a very common mistake most drivers make. They think of an automatic car to be one of those sports cars that are driven on racetracks. However, that is not the case with an automatic car. If you launch your car with speed while it is in a stationary position then it is likely that there is serious damage to major parts of your transmission and engine.

With the above precautions, you may be able to smoothly drive an automatic car on the roads of UAE. Even though you have a manual license, still you can get your hands on an automatic car and hire it. If you haven’t driven an automatic car for a while then all you need to worry about is knowing how to handle the gears.

Tips for having a smooth drive with an automatic car

Here are some tips that would help you drive an automatic rental car in UAE:

1. Remember that most of the gear changes by themselves and you do not need a clutch pedal. All you have to take care of is of brake and accelerator.

2. Have a look at the gear-stick before you start driving. It has 4 basic gears which you should know about.

P: Park

R: Reverse

N: Neutral

D: Drive

3. Be prepared for different driving conditions like motorways, slow traffic, parking, towing, overtaking and going up or down the hills.

4. Practice driving an automatic car before taking it on the busy road.

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