Rental Car Insurance in UAE

Are you looking for online rent a car DubaiThere are hundreds of companies offering you car rental services, however, only a few of them offer genuine services. When you look for car rental in Dubai, there are some things you must take into account. One of those is rental car insurance in UAE.

Rental car insurance is very important when you hire a car, especially in the UAE. Rent car companies that offer you rental car insurance such as Nada Al Ward, are offering you something very beneficial while you are driving in the UAE. However, you must know that you aren’t being tricked into spending an extravaganza amount.

More on Rental Car Insurance in UAE

long term car hire Dubai should always have rental car insurance with it because insurance not only minimizes financial risk but also provides you with a peace of mind. Rental car insurance in the UAE has four types among which you can choose the one that suits you. The list goes by:

1.    Collision Damage Waiver

A CDW is an insurance that is not for the products but to relieve the renters of their responsibility in case the hired car is damaged or stolen. In other words, due to this waiver, the rental company will not make any claim against you in case your rental is stolen or damaged. However, it has some limitations like driving while impaired or driving outside a defined area.

2. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is designed to provide acceptable protection that has higher supplementary liability limits. This insurance protects the renter if he or she damages someone else’s vehicle or property.

3. Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance is very crucial in terms of a long term car rental Dubai as it covers the passengers as well as the renter against medical and ambulance costs in case of a collision. This insurance also provides death benefits.

4. Personal Effects Cover

A Personal Effects cover protects the renters from any sort of theft of belongings from the rental car. However, this insurance has a set limit.

3 things to consider before getting a car rental insurance in UAE

When you decide on considering car rental insurance in UAE, there are three things you must make sure. These three things will help you in making the right decision about the Dubai car rental deals that include car rental insurance.

1. The first thing that you need to do is analyze your credit card benefits, medical insurance, liability insurance, and other insurance policies including car and homeowners. This is necessary so that you know up to which extent you are financially covered for hiring a car.

2. The second important thing is to properly have everything researched. This may include various types of rental car insurance policies. This is essential so that you find out whether you need more coverage or not. For instance, for a daily car rental, you may not need a very protective insurance policy but for a weekly or monthly car hire, you may require protective insurance.

3. The third and most important is to visit Dubai car websites and compare the rates and rental packages. This would help you analyze and evaluate what Nada Al Ward is offering and what other car rental companies are offering. A 24/7 customer support, cheap rates, and quality service are all that you need to look for.

However, in case you find any loopholes, you can always contact the rental desk and hire the car on location. While opting for rental car insurance in UAE, always keep in mind that companies can charge you for a loss of use to their vehicle such as diminished value, towing or any administrative fee associated with a claim.

What your Car rental Insurance Policy should include?

Renting a car in the UAE would be a very good idea. But having rental car insurance with it would be better. UAE has a very strict set of laws and regulations when it comes to driving. Having rental car insurance would always add up to an advantage you would have in the long run. However, there are some essential features that one of the top rent a car company in Dubai must include in their insurance policy. These include:

a. Damage cover of windscreen, windows, mirrors, tire, engine and body.

b. Any loss or damage to personal belongings must be covered.

c. Cover for a personal accident.

d. Cover for a car rescue and breakdown.

e. Cover for a lost or stolen key.

Nahda Al Ward believes in satisfying its customers completely, therefore provides complete transparency to inform its customers about all the important details of rental car insurance in UAE. For the utmost experience of car rental in UAE, choose Nahda Al ward as your rent a car company.

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