Some UAE Regulations that you must know while driving a rental car

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UAE Regulations that you must know while driving a rental car

You may be a little hesitant in hiring a car in the UAE due to the strict law and order. However, you have nothing to worry about. All you gotta know is some basic rules and regulations of UAE before you go behind the wheel.

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Here are some basic rules you must know about before you take the wheel:

1. A driving license is mandatory.

A budget-friendly rent a car in Dubai  for one day or every week may tempt you to drive a car in UAE but do not forget that driving in the UAE requires a valid UAE driving license. In case you aren’t a resident of UAE, then you may require an international driving license to freely drive around the exotic Oasis.

If you have a European driving license or a Gulf Cooperation Council driving license, then you may be easily able to hire a car for rent and drive yourself around UAE. The driving regulations in the UAE are very strict and you must abide by them.

2. Do not drive outside the UAE’s premises.

Once you have a driving license and a good rent a car deal, you can hire a nice and cozy car and drive yourself around the UAE. But remember as per UAE’s regulations you are not allowed to take the vehicle outside UAE’s borders.

For example, if you plan to head towards Muscat then you must take the person who owns the vehicle, otherwise, you would get in trouble.

3. Age Limit for Driving.

A minimum age limit to drive in Dubai is 18 years. However, in order to avail of cheap car rental Dubai, you must be of 21 years of age or older and your driving license must be 6 months older. Otherwise, you cannot drive in Dubai, which means you can’t avail of the exclusive rent a car deals and packages.

4. Penalties and fines

This is one important thing you must get knowledge of before you start driving in the UAE. Any fine or penalty that you are accounted of would be charged in the driver’s final receipt by the rent a car company.

The final billing deed will have the name of the Salik mentioned on it as well. Before you start driving, you must get additional information regarding the regulations of fines and penalties by visiting the UAE government portal.

5. Insurance

Rent car deals that include insurance policies are always the best ones. However, you must have knowledge of what the company has included in the policy before you sign the deal.

When you hire a car in UAE, rental companies usually include Collision Damage waiver to all types of rent a car packages. Still, you must make sure whether it is included or not and what the policy says. The last thing you want to do is to get caught up in legal matters in UAE.

Also, if you are getting a car at the lowest rates, then do confirm from the company’s desk whether insurance is included or not. Always prefer an insurance rental car as compared to a non-insured one. An insurance policy is helpful in the occurrence of a sudden incident or collision.

6. Security Deposit

When you hire a car in the UAE, you need to deposit a security fee. The rental company takes this security deposit in case there is any damage to the vehicle or a Collison, then the company can claim the loss from this amount. In case of no damage, the company will return the amount once you hand over the vehicle.

The above are some basic UAE regulations that you must keep in mind before choosing any exotic car rental DubaiAs said earlier, UAE is very particular in terms of its law and regulations, so if you don’t abide by them then you will get into trouble. So, before anything else, take notice of the driving regulations of the UAE.

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