The Top 5 Best and Affordable cars to rent in Dubai

Affordable cars for rent in Nada Al ward Dubai: Planning a vacation can be pretty exhausting. Especially when it is a desert Oasis like Dubai, where every destination is far away from the other and the public transport is not very convenient. Also, the car fare Dubai can cost you fortunes, which would not be suitable for a budget-friendly vacation. In these circumstances, what could be ideal would be hiring a car which you could take along where ever you want to go.

Dubai is full of exotic places and you would not want to miss any of them. What you could do to make the most of your holiday in Dubai is hire a car and drive it either yourself or hire a chauffeur with it. There are car rental companies that offer budget-friendly car rental Dubai monthly rates such as Nada Al Ward. A cozy and comfortable car would be like a cherry on top for you.

The Top 5 Best and Affordable cars for rent in Nada Al ward Dubai

Talking about a car on rent, you might have confusion regarding which car to opt for when in Dubai. There are several choices among which you could choose your desired car brand and model. However, there are some personal favorites that are the most suitable for the traffic in Dubai. These include:

1. Hyundai accent

The Hyundai accent makes a perfect car for rent in Dubai for one day or a week due to it is up to the mark features. Hyundai accent has excellent mileage and unexpected power. The car comes with an 11.4-gallon tank that provides an excellent fuel performance. If you plan to travel on long routes than the Hyundai accent can travel 37 miles per gallon on highways.

The car has impressive 4-cylinder engines that give more power. Apart from the performance, it is popular for its safety ratings. It consists of rear and side airbags which could be very useful when you come across a collision or accident that could be fatal.

You can get a Hyundai Accent 2015 for rent from Nada Al Ward at 50 AED daily. Whereas if you like to rent the car every month then you can hire it for 350 AED weekly and 1400 AED every month.

These are the lowest rates as compared to market prices.

2. Corolla

Another personal favorite is the Toyota Corolla. Traveling in Dubai involves urban driving as well as driving on the highways. In such a circumstance, you require a spacious car as well as good power performance.

In that case, Toyota corolla fits in perfectly. The car has a good room for 3 adults and has a lot of leg space so you can travel comfortably for long hours. You can now hire a car in Dubai cheap with Nada Al Ward. It offers the lowest rates as compared to its competitors. You can hire a Toyota Corolla 2017 for 80 AED daily, 560 AED every week and for 2200 AED every month.

3. Kia Picanto

Hiring a car for rent while traveling in Dubai, Kia Picanto is a good choice. Kia Picanto is ideal for all those who want to roam around in the city and want a compact car that is fuel-efficient as well as has all the safety features.

You can get the car on rent from Nada Al ward at 60 AED for one day, 385 AED for a week and 1500 AED for a month.

It can be an ideal car if you are visiting Dubai for a business trip or need to travel in the city mostly.

4. Nissan Sunny

The beautiful Nissan sunny is another good choice for driving in Dubai. It has a spacious interior that can accommodate 5 people easily. The car has a 1.5 liter and 4-cylinder engine that makes it a power-packed car.

You can easily take the car for long routes without worrying about the humidity. Nada Al Ward keeps its cars up to date with everything in shape including the air conditioning.

You can hire the Nissan Sunny 2019 model for 70 AED daily, 420 AED every week and 1700 AED for a month.

5. Nissan Patrol

If you are looking for a luxury car rental Dubai then Nissan Patrol is a good option for you. The car is perfect for going for a safari in the desert oasis of the UAE. If you are looking forward to a comfortable yet adventurous experience in Dubai then you must opt for Nissan Patrol.

Nada Al Ward has two models of the Nissan Patrol; Nissan Patrol 2016 and Nissan Patrol 2019. The car features in a spacious interior with 7 seats. You can easily accommodate 4 luggage in it. The car is itself a delight to drive on the smooth roads of Dubai and in the adventurous deserts of the UAE.

You can hire the 2016 model for 350 AED for one day, 2100 AED for a week and 6000 AED for a month. Whereas you can hire the 2019 model of Nissan Patrol for 500 AED for one day, 3000 AED for a week and 9000 AED for a month only at Nada Al Ward.

For other cars and packages, you visit our branch or our website and our customer support team would be more than welcome to help you. We take pride in prioritizing our customers and therefore tend to be one of the top rent a car company in Dubai.

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