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Weekly Car Rental Dubai

Weekly Car Rental Dubai | Enjoy Hassle-Free Driving

Are you a car enthusiast? Dubai is the city where your dream of riding modern and luxurious cars can become a reality. From electric cars like the 2022 Audi Q4 e-tron, to luxurious Rolls Royce, and standard cars such as Kia Sportage – you will see all types of vehicles passing by you in every nook and corner of Dubai.

Nada Al Ward is offering an opportunity to drive your most favorite car and explore a city that never disappoints anybody. Our weekly car rental Dubai services cover everything to make your time in Dubai extremely fun-filled and highly entertaining.

AED 700 / Weekly

250 KM

AED 770 / Weekly

250 KM

AED 385 / Weekly

250 KM

AED 490 / Weekly

250 KM

AED 455 / Weekly

250 KM

AED 770 / Weekly

250 KM

Daily VS Weekly VS Monthly | Which Car Rental Dubai is Better?

Majority of the people get confused when they’re offered three most car rental options in Dubai:

1. Daily
2. Weekly
3. Monthly

Basically, they fit the particular situations and requirements of the car enthusiasts. But, car rental agencies fool customers with different packages, deals, and discounts that they add more confusion for car lovers instead of more clarity. Nadaward is comparing three different car rental options to help you choose the one which is effective and appropriate for your car rental needs:

  • Daily Car Rental Vs Weekly Car Rental Dubai:

Daily car rental is bothersome because you have to visit the office everyday or , at least, you will have to talk to a staff member of a car rental company. Plus, you will have to bother yourself with the most important things: submitting prerequisite documents daily and vehicle inspection.

Whereas, in a weekly car rental Dubai, you come to a car rental agency and get a car for a whole week. In this duration, we can exchange cars or if you are not interested anymore, you can return a car easily.

Therefore, in daily car rental VS weekly car rental Dubai – The weekly car rental Dubai is a straight winner.

  • Weekly Car Rental VS Monthly Car Rental Dubai:

Weekly and monthly are widely used car rental options in Dubai. Especially tourists for adventure and fun and corporate persons for business meetings and expos usually go for monthly and weekly car rentals. Daily car rental is bothersome but monthly car rental Dubai can be exhausting too because people can change their mind while availing a month long package.

Whereas, a weekly car rental is neither boring nor does it take a fortune. Also, you can exchange cars or you can get another car without paying extra charges. So, in weekly car rental vs monthly car rental: Weekly Car Rental is the winner.

Nadaward | Why Are We Best For Weekly Car Rental Dubai?

Finding an experienced car rental company in Dubai is a very difficult process. It takes time and a lot of energy. To make your search for a reliable and affordable rent-a-car company in Dubai. Nadaward is offering its go-to car rental services with amazing packages and a variety of offers to both local car enthusiasts and tourists. 

  • User-Friendly Booking

The official website of “Nadaward” is specially designed to cater your online booking needs with ese. Our interactive website features enable you to select cars from online catalog with exact pickup and return date along with full reservation.

  • Enables Flexibility in Adventure

You just don’t have a plan for your adventure but also you hold our car’s keys. Therefore, we can enable flexibility in your adventure by guiding you about places less visited but they can create unforgettable memories. And, it all happens at the low price car rental packages. With Nada Al Ward, you don’t just get a weekly car rental service, you embrace a life-changing tourism experience.

  • Exclusive Discount Offers

With Nadaward, you are going to enjoy amazing discount offers to enjoy top-of-the-heap rental experience without any overpayment. Let’s get connected with us and avail the best discount offers you will not find elsewhere.

Our Process For Weekly Car Rental Dubai

Our weekly car rental process is streamlined and hassle-free to ensure convenience and quick processing. It works this way:

  • Vehicle Selection: You visit our official website first and choose your favorite car.
  • Duration Selection: By using our website, you can set the duration of pickup and return dates. This helps you plan your duration for weekly car rental as per your schedule.
  • Reservation: After going through the car selection process, specifying dates of pickup & return, you will reserve the car through the use of our online catalog. Our car catalog is perfectly optimized for all devices so that you could book your rental car easily any time and from anywhere.
  • Confirmation: Once you have completed the booking process. You will receive a confirmation message containing details about document submission.

Prerequisite Documents:  To move further with your rental agreement, you will have to submit all the required documents.

What You Can Get From Weekly Car Rental By Nadaward?

Unlike other weekly car rental Dubai companies, we mainly emphasize on the best experience for clients. We ensure they get most out of our round-the-clock services. We have years of local knowledge and deep cultural experience of Dubai. So we are a highly appropriate option for car lovers to choose our weekly car rental packages. If you are still unsure why Nadaward for availing weekly car rental in Dubai then don’t fret, following are the salient features of our top-notch and low price rental cars business:

  • Pocket-Friendly Weekly Rates:

Daily car rental is bothersome, monthly car rental is tiring too because a customer can change his mind or, maybe, he does not want to drive a rental car anymore. That’s why weekly car rental is the optimum option. You will get highly affordable rates for weekly car rental. We minimize your travel expenses and maximize your driving experience for the long haul.

  • Big Fleet of Cars: 

We have a big fleet of cars available here at Nadaward to meet your space, design and speed needs. If you want to go out for a picnic at beach, we have 7-Seaters “Suzuki Ertiga 2023” to accompany your friends or family, if you want to go for a long drive, we have powerful SUVs like “Nissan Patrol 2022” or if you want to go for a wedding or just for dine-out at an upscale restuarant then you can select sedan models like Kia K5 2023 to spend a memorable evening with your special one.

Long story short, we have all types of cars from crossover to hatchback in our fleet to fulfill your desire of driving your favorite vehicle while availing economical weekly car rental in Dubai.

  • Ease Of Exploring Dubai To The Fullest:

There is no place in Dubai which is not worth visiting. From East to West, from North to South – there is a compelling story to hear in each corner of Dubai. In Southwest of Dubai, there are Dubai investment Park, Jebel Ali Industrial City, and so much more. In Western Dubai, there are Jumeirah Bay, World Islands, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and Marsa Dubai, etc. In North of Dubai, there is Dubai Airport, Mirdiff.

In short, you have a lot to discover in the city of Dubai and choosing Nadaward’s weekly car rental is going to add more fun, ecstasy and magic in your exploration.

  • Easy Extension Process:

We don’t bug you with a tiring documentation process. We keep our weekly car rental process as easy as A-B-C. Most of the other weekly car rental services in Dubai frustrate their clients with the time-consuming process to extend their weekly car rental Dubai packages. On the other hand, we execute differently.

If you are aspiring to extend your stay in Dubai or just want to use a weekly car rental service for more duration; you don’t need to do anything – just make a call to us and we will extend your rental period for your specified timeframe. No waiting. No processes. You are just a phone call away from Nadaward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Weekly car rental deals and discounts a customer can get from Nadaward and are they best for business and personal use?

Nada Al Ward offers varieties of car rental discounts and deals for business and personal use. If you want more information then visit our website or talk to our staff.

Currently, we are only operating in Dubai. We are exploring opportunities to scale up our car rental business and expand to other locations to serve new customers.

Yes, To rent any car in Dubai, you will need the following documents:

  1. A passport
  2. International Driving License
  3. Home Country Driving Licence (If you are a tourist)
  4. An Emirate ID (For local residents)
  5. An Emirati Driving License (For local residents)
  6. Customers must be over 21-year-old to qualify for car rental services in Dubai

Car rental experts at Nadaward inspect vehicles thoroughly before handing them out to customers. We film videos and take photos to document the exact condition of a car. We use the same process when you return the car.

Yes. Of course, we do offer long-term leasing options through our website.

Customers can reach out to us for assistance and support through a website or call us on +971 56 957 2233

Customers benefit from the largest selection of cars and the most convenient service available in the UAE market. Customers can select any car from a wide collection of the cars. We have local experience. Plus, we don’t waste customers’ time with unnecessary procedures.

Yes. We serve both local residents and tourists in Dubai. Although, there could be a little change in the documentation process for tourists but we provide top quality to both customers.

Sure why not. Nadaward’s website has an interactive catalog of cars with information about car’s seating capacity, model, and package fee to help customers in online booking through a website. Also, you can call us on +971 56 957 2233 for further assistance.