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Rent a Car Dubai By Nadaward: A Gateway To Opportunities & Exploration

Nada Al Ward: A premiere car rental company serving customers with low price rental cars in Dubai. With our big fleet of cars, top-notch customer services and highly economical rates, we are making car rental not only seamless but also an unforgettable experience for both local residents and tourists.

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AED 130 / Daily

250 KM

AED 90 / Daily

250 KM

AED 130 / Daily

250 KM

Affordable Rent a Car in Dubai

At Nada Al Ward, we understand the needs of our customers and take great pride in the services we provide. Alongside our offerings of used and brand-new 0KM cars and SUVs for rent, we also offer a car leasing service.

AED 60 / Daily

250 KM

AED 75 / Daily

250 KM

AED 65 / Daily

250 KM

Why Choose to Rent with Nada Al Ward

Whether it is for daily, weekly, or monthly car rental in Dubai, we provide our customers with a straightforward rental process that is devoid of any hidden charges or clauses. Additionally, our customers can benefit from our free delivery service and full insurance coverage.

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Why is Nadaward The First Choice For Rent a Car Dubai?

Nadaward is not just a rent-a-car company offering cheap car rentals Dubai. It is an emotion. It is a place where customers meet true professionalism, the best cars, and amazing discount packages and 24-hours assistance. Not only, it enables you to take a car from one place to another; it helps in having an immersive car rental experience comparable to none. Following are the reasons for why & how we became the #1 choice for rent a car Dubai:

  • Discover Dubai With Different Perspective 

Dubai is the city where possibilities are endless and sky is only the limit. This city has everything from futuristic skyscrapers, scenic beaches, and traditional bustling souks. We, at Nadaward, have local cultural experience and deep car rental Dubai knowledge – this is the combination we use for guiding customers, mainly tourists, to explore Dubai in a way that they can’t resist to enjoy. This is the reason our customers feel comfortable in hiring us for car rental all the time because we don’t just offer rent a car Dubai, we facilitate their journey for enjoyable memories. 

  • A Big Fleet of Cars to Fulfill Your Every Need

Whether you love to drive sleek sedans, powerful SUVs or luxury cars – We have got your car needs covered here at Nadaward. Our fleet has cars to meet the needs of every kind of traveler. If you prefer to travel solo, or want your friends to accompany you or you want to drive with family; we are the ideal car rental service to accommodate your seating capacity and luggage requirements. Our cars are maintained regularly for your maximum safety and comfort. 

  • Convenient Locations

Our network of low price rental cars operate in multiple convenient locations throughout Dubai. We have offices across the city from hustling & bustling Dubai Marina to country-themed residential area International City. Whether you want car rental at Dubai airport or you’re looking for a cheap car rental in Al Barsha; we are just one phone call away from you. Our friendly and expert staff is always ready to assist you. 

  • Affordable Rates. AND . Flexible Options

Nada Al Ward encourages quality car rental services for everyone in Dubai. That’s why; we are the torchbearers for cheap car rental Dubai. Our competitive rates with highly flexible rental options help meet your cars-related specific requirements and budget. Whether you want to get a car for a day, a week or for a month; we offer pocket-friendly car rental solutions to achieve  your travel plans. No Hidden Fees. No Surprises. We build trust. And, you get first-class rent a car Dubai services. 

  • Zero Compromise On Quality Services – Every Time

The cornerstone of rent a car Dubai by Nadaward is true commitment with customers for exceptional car rental services. Once you make a reservation with us to the very last moment of returning a car; we ensure to keep a car rental experience highly smooth, fully stress-free and unarguably seamless so you could enjoy your time in Dubai fully. 

  • Explore Dubai with Confidence

Cheap car rental Dubai by Nadaward helps customers explore the city with confidence because our vehicles are fully equipped with the most latest navigation systems which they can use for navigating every street and every district and every landmark comfortably.

We provide all-inclusive insurance coverage in every rental so that you could drive with mental peace knowing that you are fully secure and protected if any accident happens.

  • Freedom To Choose Your Own Schedule 

Ready to experience the freedom of choosing your own schedule? Book your rental car with Rent a Car Dubai today and unlock the keys to unforgettable adventures in the UAE’s most exciting city. Whether you’re here for business or leisure, we’re here to help you make the most of your time in Dubai. Reserve your car online or contact us on +971 56 957 2233 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

Why people love our services?

About Nadaward | Low Price Rental Cars?

Based in Al Qusais, Dubai, Nada Al Ward is the premiere rent a car Dubai company with specialties in cheap car rental Dubai. Our team of car rental experts doesn’t leave any stone unturned in delivering top-of-the-heap car rental experience in the most prominent business hub of Middle East – Dubai.

Our priority is to provide well-maintained and high quality vehicles at most affordable prices. Our fleet of cars includes famous brands like Kia, Toyota Land Cruiser, Suzuki, Nissan, etc. 

We have all car rental options available at Nadaward: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Plus, our rental process is transparent and streamlined without hidden charges and mind-numbing terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance is provided with the rental car at Nadaward?

Most rental companies offer basic insurance coverage like 3rd-Party liability insurance. But, for CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection) you will have to pay an extra fee.

Rental cars services in Dubai generally use Full-To-Full policy. It means when you drive off the rent a car Dubai office, you go with a full fuel tank and you will have to return the car with a full fuel tank. However, there are many companies in Dubai where a customer can pay in advance for the fuel tank and return the car with an empty tank.

Of course, you can drive a rental car outside of Dubai but if you cross borders into neighboring countries then restrictions will be applied. Important Note: Always inform your car rental company Dubai if you are planning to travel outside the UAE.

Contact Nadaward immediately for assistance in case of an accident or breakdown. Our car rental experts will give you instruction on how to follow the rest of the process. It may involve calling the Police or arranging for vehicle replacement.

Make sure to check all terms and conditions of your car rental agreement. Because some rental companies offer unlimited mileage, whereas, others implement mileage restrictions.

It’s the responsibility of a renter to ensure the payment of tolls and parking fees. Almost all cars in Dubai have a Salik(toll) tag attached. You will be charged for any tolls incurred during a rental period. Likewise, it’s the responsibility of the renter to pay parking fees.

Of course. You can but talk to a car rental company beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

A rental company designates a drop-off location when you have to return the vehicle. Make sure you return the car on time to avoid late fees.