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Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Avail The Best Monthly Car Rental Deals in Dubai

Nada Al Ward: A leading car rental service in Dubai, where you get luxury cars with convenience. We make your exploration for the vibrant energy of Dubai more fun-filled. For local residents and tourists, having comfortable cars by Nadaward is significantly important for you to navigate the lively city of Dubai.

It is time to say “Goodbye” to the hassles of daily/weekly car rentals; take advantage of the best monthly car rental packages in Dubai. We have the best monthly car rental deals to help you get the most cost-effective car rental experience in Dubai.

AED 2000 / Monthly

250 KM

AED 3000 / Monthly

250 KM

AED 1400 / Monthly

250 KM

AED 1600 / Monthly

250 KM

AED 1500 / Monthly

250 KM

AED 2400 / Monthly

250 KM

Why Should You Avail Monthly Car Rental Dubai by

Nadaward ensures supreme quality of services to expand your thrilling car-riding  experience in the high-spirited city of Dubai. We have the most luxurious and comfortable cars in our vehicle fleet. Whether you love to drive Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Spyder, or love to vroom in Audi A6, we have the cheapest monthly car rental Dubai to add magic in your love for cars.

  • Highest Flexibility: We are available round-the-clock to provide the special monthly car rental Dubai services by ensuring you get the best value for your money.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Save your money with the cheapest monthly car rental Dubai as compared to daily car rental deals. 
  • Convenient Process: You don’t have to wait for long-term car hire at Nadaward. We don’t waste our customers’ time with unnecessary paperwork. Just visit us, sign an agreement and you are good to go. 
  • Exploration: You can explore the whole city of Dubai with peace-of-mind at your own pace by availing one of our cheap car rental Dubai monthly packages and create unforgettable memories.
  • Fixed Monthly Prices: The big benefit of monthly car hire is that a renter does not have to worry about monthly payments because we have fixed monthly prices policy in place. We – at Nada Al Ward, do not spoil happy moments of renters with hidden charges and additional costs.
  • Zero Depreciation Worries: For a corporate customer or anybody, choosing a monthly car rental is the big perk because you do not have to worry about depreciation. So, take your time and choose a monthly car rental Dubai.

Benefits of car rental monthly Dubai | Nada Al Ward

  • Unlike buying a car, you don’t need to make a down payment for long term car hire. You need to show required documents such as valid driving license, passport and valid Emirates ID.
  • Lower the monthly car rental Dubai, Higher the excitment. Because, you free yourself from worries of making daily or weekly payments. You can drive to the places you love the most. Meet with friends or use it for business events. And, it is easy because of the cheapest monthly car rental Dubai services.
  • With monthly car rental Dubai, you get options to upgrade your vehicle at the end of the month. For example, if you do not want to drive Hyundai Accent 2017 anymore then visit Nada Al Ward and upgrade your driving experience with Nissan Kicks 2023 for the cheapest monthly car rental in Dubai.
  • Think for a moment,  you’re going to party with friends and your car breaks down on the way to your friend’s place. How would you feel? Definitely, you would be infuriated and anguished. That’s why it’s essential to keep the health of your vehicle in good shape. Therefore, you can avail timely maintenance of your cars when availing monthly car hire packages by us. 
  • Depreciation value is not a concern .We have an open policy for monthly car rental Dubai to meet your expectations to the fullest. Not only will you feel comfortable because we don’t charge any zero hidden fee but also we don’t bother our clients with any type of depreciation value. Just visit our office, pick your favorite car, and avail our pocket-friendly packages for monthly car rental.

How to Find the Best Deals on Monthly Car Rentals in Dubai

You can find car rental companies in every nook & corner of Dubai. Well, to find a reliable & cheap car rental Dubai monthly like Nadaward is not easy. Beware: your money can land into the wrong hands, if you are (NOT) careful enough before finding the best deals for monthly car hire. We provide you the surefire tips to navigate and find the best deals for long term car rentals:

  • Compare Prices: The Internet is filled with comparison websites to rent-a-car companies for cheapest monthly car rental Dubai. You can ensure to get the suitable car for long term car rental.
  • Start As Early As Possible: Start off your search for monthly car rental Dubai as early as possible to enjoy the quick availability for amazing and cheap car rental Dubai monthly.
  • Evaluate Your Needs: You must assess transportation needs & preferences to find the type of car best fits your needs for monthly car rental Dubai.
  • Look For Discount Offers: Look out for discounts, promotional offers to avail cheapest monthly car rental Dubai for saving your money.
  • Read Authentic Reviews: Don’t make reservations for monthly car hire right out of the gate. Read authentic reviews by genuine customers to evaluate the quality of services provided by the car rental company in Dubai.

Popular Options For Monthly Car Rental Dubai | Nadaward

Every Rent-a-Car service offers different options for long term car rental in Dubai. Nada Al Ward presents you the most sought-after car options to help you enjoy the most amazing and immersive car driving experience:

  • Economy Cars: This option is good for couples and solo travelers. Economy cars are good for fuel efficiency and are affordable for monthly car rental.
  • SUVs: SUV is the right option for larger groups & families. You get an ample space to explore urban & off-road adventures on cheapest monthly car rental Dubai
  • Luxury Cars: You can enjoy the most comfortable driving experience with luxury cars on monthly car rental Dubai with top-notch functionalities and sleek designs.
  • Convertible Cars:  Have fun with breathtaking skyline and sunny but enjoyable weather in style with convertible cars to make your drives along the coast even more mesmerizing.

Tips For Having An Experience of A Cheap Car Rental Dubai Monthly

  • Carefully Read The Rental Agreement: Spend time in carefully reading the rental agreement.  Take note of Terms & Conditions, additional fees and insurance coverage, etc. 
  • Inspect The Vehicle Fully: Never drive off the vehicle without inspecting fully. Check for pre-existing damages and make sure that all features are working properly.
  • Track of Mileage: Be careful about mileage because negligence towards mileage restrictions might incur additional fees due to exceeding the allotted mileage written in the monthly car rental agreement.
  • Plan your Routes in Advance: Be aware of traffic regulations practiced in Dubai and plan your routes in advance to avoid unnecessary delays and congestion while enjoying monthly car hire packages from nadaward.
  • Safety is Priority: You should be trained to adopt & implement “Safe Driving Habits” to have unlimited fun on road while driving your most favorite car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of monthly car rental in Dubai?

The cost of monthly car rental varies in Dubai. It depends upon a car model, condition, duration and additional features. To get the good prices, the most effective practice is to compare rates from different authentic rent-a-car- companies and check out for special discount offers. Anyhow, keep in mind, the pricing plans might vary due to demand, events, and other factors.

Dubai is the perfect home for the best cars of all sizes, models and brands. You can get SUVs to pick-up trucks and Rolls Royces. You should be clear about requirements before monthly car hire. An official website is quite effective in this regard. Check out official websites of genuine car rental services through the use of filters like car types, pricing, and a few other things.

Definitely, car rental companies in Dubai accept credit cards for monthly car rent. There are many companies who accept debit cards and cash payments as well. However, it’s good to contact the customer support of the rent-a-car companies in Dubai for further clarification.

Yes, whether you book an economy car or luxury vehicle; security deposit is mandatory. Security deposit varies from car to car and it is returned back within thirty days when you return the car. Many companies don’t ask for security deposits but they take high insurance amounts.

Typically, a monthly car hire cost covers the following things:

  1. Standard mileage limit (4500 KM or higher)
  2. Basic Insurance 
  3. Delivery within Dubai
  4. Free roadside assistance
  5. Baby/child seats for free (If they are available)